Q: We’ve been so happy with our child’s preschool experience at Children’s Workshop. Now our child is old enough for kindergarten. What do we do?

A: Your child can remain at Children’s Workshop until first grade in our Kindergarten program. Because learning is progressive and cumulative, your child will reap the full benefits of our program by remaining until first grade.

Don’t underestimate the power of a high comfort level. It gives the child the power to take risks in an environment that is safe and supportive. Knowing and understanding rules and expectations allows children the freedom to explore and progress more rapidly in a stress-free setting.

Q: What is the Kindergarten program?

A: Extended Day is a program available for a limited number of children who are at least five years old by September 1, or older four-year-old children who have been at our school since they were very young and are ready for the advanced materials as decided by their teachers. The children participate in developing their own curriculum, work on projects in a variety of subjects from science and geography to creative writing and literature, and focus on preparation for first grade

Q: Our child has already been at Children’s Workshop for a few years. What is there for her to work on next?

A: With the Montessori method of teaching, there are always new challenges for a child in every area of the school. At Children’s Workshop small classes make it possible for each child to receive the special and personal attention deserved.

A strong sense of community comes from knowing and caring about those you share special parts of your life with. Knowing and trusting someone for years creates a very special bond that not only encourages, but also facilitates learning.

A strong emphasis is placed on a child’s leadership qualities and decision-making skills. Children research their interests, focus on academic growth, and assume more responsibility in the environment. They are looked up to by the younger children and are quite aware that they have grown into role models.

Q: Will my child be able to make the transition to 1st grade without attending a traditional kindergarten program?

A: The last year at Children’s Workshop is the year to shine, both socially and academically. Everything comes together.
That kindergarten year accomplishes many things in the life of a child, but the most significant may be the strong self-concept and the high level of self-esteem that’s gained by the year’s end. With knowing they are bright and capable problem solvers, the children are ready to take on new challenges with confidence.

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