Our Guiding Principles

We recognize each child as an individual whose uniqueness, rights and needs are accepted and respected.

The growth of the total child involves physical, intellectual, social, moral and creative elements.

Respect for the individual as well as the environment is a prerequisite of learning.

The child's self-esteem and sense of competency are crucial to learning.

We recognize that the Montessori philosophy and materials offer the child a sound learning foundation.

A good learning environment is joyful, responsive, spontaneous, and provides experiences to meet each child's developmental needs.

The child is allowed freedom and choice within a prepared learning environment.

Curiosity and creativity are fostered.

Our children are representative of the diversity found in our community.

The key to successful learning is tapping the child's natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Opportunities are provided for the development of social skills.

We recognize that children go through predictable developmental stages, but not always at the same age or at the same time.