Dear Children's Workshop,

I am a trainer of teachers by profession. Prior to motherhood, I was an exceptional education teacher. I now work with inservice educators on becoming more "effective" teachers of young children. I've dedicated my professional life to teaching people to be like the staff at Children's Workshop.

Not only am I a neurotic middle-aged mother but I know of what I speak when I discuss excellence in education. The teachers at Children's Workshop personify that excellence. You are caring, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. You bring to their daily interactions with children enthusiasm and creativity. Your insight into each child is truly remarkable.

For the past year, my husband and I drove our daughter eighty miles round trip to attend Children's Workshop, three times a week. There were other schools, let me assure you, that we passed along the way. However, I am confident that none was of the same high caliber.

If I had a magic wand, I would have both of my children attend Children's Workshop through eighth grade, regardless of the distance. I am sorry I don't own that wand. I am grateful that for the past years our family has experienced the best that education has to offer. - Mary

Dear Children's Workshop,

I have two Children's Workshop alumni, they are now 13 and 15. I know that their years at CW helped form their love of learning. It

gave them confidence in themselves and opened their eyes to many different experiences. Most of the time they didn't even realize that they were learning! I believe that the foundation of their good study habits began at CW. I also had the honor to work at CW, helping out during class and I had lunch duty. I got the inside peek into what went on during the day and was constantly in awe of the wonderful projects the kids were working on. Some things I wouldn't have even thought preschooler's could do!

When we moved out of the area, the number one thing on my "Why we shouldn't move" list was that my third child would not get to go to Children's Workshop. Although he ended up having good preschool experience, it didn't compare to Children's Workshop. If anyone in the Milwaukee area asked me to recommend a good preschool, I wouldn't hesitate.....Children's Workshop is the best! I am forever grateful to the teachers for being so wonderful, patient, loving, kind and the best teachers for my children. Thank you!!!

And the best testimonial of all is that every time we pass the building now, my 13 year old says, "Children's Workshop was the best. It's too bad Nick didn't get to go there." It's been almost 10 years, and she hasn't forgotten. That's saying a lot for a teenager!


Dear Children's Workshop,

Thank you for hosting the [annual Montessori Workshop for parents] last night. I learn something new every time and always leave with a warm comfort that my children are in a uniquely wonderful environment.

The foundation you helped build in the girls is outstanding. They certainly still have the joy! Their reading has taken off, their handwriting skills are unmatched in their class and their love for exploring the world is grounded in their grasp of geography. I can still test them on the countries and they say where, on which continent and, of course, which color!

I love that Max has all of this ahead of him and I am grateful you're all there teaching and guiding him each day. Thank you so much!


Dear Children's Workshop,

I feel so emotional about "leaving" Children's Workshop. I am sure that you're probably used to parents feeling this way. After all, the teachers have shown our children the wonders of learning and the joys of the world around us - and have shown it with such warmth and love that they can't help but be swept away with excitement and curiosity. What a wonderful beginning for them! And what a wonderful beginning for a mother sending her oldest child off to school for the first time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know Mallory will never forget you and I have a feeling you may be getting a letter (or a book!) from her from time to time. Please continue with your loving work with the children 'till you are at least 101~ Our children need you!

You will always have a special place in our hearts.


Dear Children's Workshop,

Thank you for the kind and caring learning environment you have helped provide for my girls. Nurturing their self esteem and respecting their unique personalities is a gift that will stay with them for many years. With all of the changes going on in our lives, it is a great comfort to know that you will be there for Hannah next year! Emily will miss you more than she knows, but as you have said, she is well prepared for first grade!


Dear Children's Workshop,

Thank you so very much for the love and care our family has been given. Children's Workshop is such a special place because of all of you wonderful people. We love all of you.

Jim and Diane

Dear Children's Workshop,

Thank you for a wonderful year for Meredith and I. It has been a growing year for both of us. The developments in her printing and artwork are obvious, but the more subtle change in her confidence have not gone unnoticed to Roger and I. The last two years in the morning have shown in her. We look forward to Meredith's time in the afternoon next year!